How to attract Parents, Students to your School?

The number one factor which influences almost everything in the management and operations of a school during the school year is enrollments. It defines and affects everything.

If there are not enough students, there will be effects on hiring, maintenance, strategy, and salaries. There is always a pressure of school heads to keep a steady flow of enrollments, and also not to let students switch to other schools. 

But why do parents make the decision to switch schools?

How can you attract them to your school? 


 Think like Parents

One cannot assume that parents will always keep their kids in one school from the start. The end of Primary, after 5th and 8th standard are times when parents decide if the child would be better suited in another school. So most students may switch at that point. But this also gives a comparatively small bunch of parents to focus on, and make sure that they don’t decide to leave. Also, many parents will choose the school they like, not necessarily what is best for their kids. 

A Creative Approach

Many schools have their own approach when it comes to enrollments. Some appear to be very selective, which makes them more desirable for parents. Some might create special programs for academically better students, which will gather attention. Some might have a better sports facility. Having a specific approach also helps in marketing and enrolments.

Get to Know Them

Nowadays schools prefer a more personal touch. Use social media to your advantage. Connect with your website. Direct phone calls and messages. Organising events/fairs and calling all families of your locality for personal connect. Make sure that our creative marketing techniques are aligned with your school culture.

Use your Location

Don't underestimate the value of your geography. Some schools have a natural view from campus, while others are in a year-round warm climate. Emphasize your strengths when it comes to your environment. It might turn out to be one of your best selling points. If you are in a quaint and quiet neighbourhood, or in the middle of an accessible market area, this may not only entice the prospective students, but also the parents as well.