Dr. Dimitris Thanasoulas talks to TEACHNEWS about TOWER BRIDGE BOOKS.
Dr. Dimitris Thanasoulas has been teaching English across the board for many years, and translating literary and other books from and into English.
10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently
10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently. Building confidence is a journey, not a destination.
The Psychology of Language: Why Are Some Words More Persuasive Than Others?
What's actually going on in the brain when it processes language? And if words affect the mind in different ways, are some more persuasive than others?
Σύγχρονο «ναρκωτικό» για παιδιά το ίντερνετ
Παραμελούν τα μαθήματά τους, οι βαθμολογίες τους «πέφτουν» απότομα, ενώ μπορεί ακόμη και να εγκαταλείψουν το σχολείο.
Ο ρόλος της μάθησης στις ειδικές εκπαιδευτικές ανάγκες
Η μάθηση είναι ένα ψυχικό φαινόμενο το οποίο διέπει τις εκφάνσεις της ανθρώπινης συμπεριφοράς για αυτό και η αδιάλειπτη μαθησιακή διαδικασία επιφέρει μείζονος


How To Teach Your Kids About Other Cultures

Raising kids with a greater appreciation for differences can help make the world a better place.


Music is becoming 'preserve of the privileged few' as state …

Music is becoming the “preserve of the privileged few” because state schools are abandoning the subject in droves, the House of Lords has been told.


How to Read a Linguistics Article in 8 Easy Steps

Disclaimer: this mostly applies to experimental or quantitative articles, since those are what are common in my field. Your milage, especially in more formal fields like syntax or semantics, may...


The English language reigns now, but look at the fate of Lat…

Readers on the dominance of English across the globe, its penchant for borrowing from other languages, and whether decay and fragmentation is now inevitable


Το τέλειο παιδί: Μύθος ή Πραγματικότητα;

Η γέννηση ενός παιδιού αποτελεί αναμφίβολα ένα κομβικό γεγονός στη ζωή ενός ζευγαριού.


Είναι καλό τα δίδυμα παιδιά μου να είναι στην ίδια τάξη;

Όλοι οι γονείς που έχουν δίδυμα παιδάκια, μπαίνουν σε αυτό το δίλημμα πριν ξεκινήσουν τα σχολεία.


These are the 20 most innovative countries in Europe

Below you can see Europe's 20 most innovative countries, ranked from least innovative to most according to the innovation points assigned to them by the European Commission.


8 Important Reasons For Teaching Kindness in Schools

Most people have heard the phrase ‘random acts of kindness’, which refers to a selfless act of giving resulting in the happiness of another person. Terms like this are increasing...



Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.


Give everyone a chance to participate. Ask each student to say one thing about the reading and no one can interrupt. After everyone has a turn, open the discussion to the entire class.