Dr. Dimitris Thanasoulas talks to TEACHNEWS about TOWER BRIDGE BOOKS.
Dr. Dimitris Thanasoulas has been teaching English across the board for many years, and translating literary and other books from and into English.
10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently
10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently. Building confidence is a journey, not a destination.
The Psychology of Language: Why Are Some Words More Persuasive Than Others?
What's actually going on in the brain when it processes language? And if words affect the mind in different ways, are some more persuasive than others?
Σύγχρονο «ναρκωτικό» για παιδιά το ίντερνετ
Παραμελούν τα μαθήματά τους, οι βαθμολογίες τους «πέφτουν» απότομα, ενώ μπορεί ακόμη και να εγκαταλείψουν το σχολείο.
Ο ρόλος της μάθησης στις ειδικές εκπαιδευτικές ανάγκες
Η μάθηση είναι ένα ψυχικό φαινόμενο το οποίο διέπει τις εκφάνσεις της ανθρώπινης συμπεριφοράς για αυτό και η αδιάλειπτη μαθησιακή διαδικασία επιφέρει μείζονος


Παιχνίδια ανάπτυξης λεξιλογίου

Η ανάπτυξη του λεξιλογίου και η έκφραση του λόγου είναι θέματα που απασχολούν αρκετά τους γονείς και εκπαιδευτικούς.Παιχνίδια λεξιλογίου για παιδιά και γονείς.


A teacher's ventures into tech!

Every day teachers around the world have to deal with digital natives, i.e their own students. Children who were born and raised in technology and for whom it is part...


A Personality Orientated Approach to EFL Teaching

In the language classroom we often ask students to talk about or refer to their personal situation and experiences. This is seemingly good practice.


Art in the classroom

As the saying goes, ‘Art is all around us’. In its many forms, it presents fantastic opportunities for discussion, focused language work and skills-based activities.


Adapting materials for mixed ability classes

All classes are the mixed ability to one extent or another. Extreme cases, when you have near-native level speakers with beginners, can be very challenging for the teacher.


Analysing Language.

Checking to understand generally follows the isolation of new language which has been presented in context, analysed and fully explained. It is this analysis and explanation stage which is the...


4 Σημάδια που ίσως να σημαίνουν ΔΕΠΥ.

Το παιδί σας αποσπάται εύκολα; Είναι παρορμητικό ή υπερκινητικό; Μοιάζει να είναι ονειροπόλο; Αν το παιδί σας παρουσιάζει τις εν λόγω συμπεριφορές πολλές φορές κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας, ίσως...


Το παιδί που αρνείται να διαβάσει – Συμβουλές για γονείς κι …

“Δε θέλω να διαβάσω” μία φράση που ακούμε συχνά.



Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.


For the Beginning of the Semester

Make the first day count. Discuss a core idea, pose a typical problem, or ask students to complete a group exercise. By moving into the course material, you're telling students that the course is well organized, well paced and worthwhile.